3D Rendering Process

DH Visual Studio will provide the ideal architectural solution suitable for your interest and requirements. Were you designing a home or an office building? Need a complete renovation? No problem—just let us know the details of your design, specifications, and desired number of views. We'll take care of the rest.


To give you a clear idea of what we’ll do to create your perfect rendering, we’ll go over each step of our simple design process.


1. Send Our Team Your Drawings & Ideas

Please share the specifications for each drawing, including the number of views and angles you intend. Also, let us know what materials will be needed to complete it, the preferred time of the day, and any references that might help us thoroughly grasp your end goal. Please find reference checklists below.


2. First Revision

To make sure we have everything in order before diving in, we'll send you a draft so you can approve the 3D model and camera angles.


3. Second Revision

We'll add more light and shadows to the render, incorporate textures and materials and send you the draft with a watermark “for preview only.”


4. Third Revision

Once you are completely satisfied with the visual and give us the go-ahead, we'll add the finishing touches to your design by finalizing the details through post-production and asking for clients’ feedback.

3. Final

We will send you the final post-production render in a high-resolution image.

Reference checklist

Exterior: Blueprints for site plans, floor plans, and elevations. (CAD files and pdf), Materials and finishes specifications, Background photograph.

Interior: Floor plans and elevations, sections(CAD file and pdf), materials and finish specifications, style of the interior and furniture(Modern, Scandinavian, etc.)

Suppose you don't have a current design, no worries! Our team will create a concept design with your input and give your project the unique and creative edge you're looking for.