Concept Design

Every space design begins somewhere, and that somewhere is here. At DH Visual Studio, our team of visualizers provides one-on-one collaboration with clients to conjure up the design plan of your dreams. We provide conceptual design to put your aspirations on paper and get the ball rolling on reaching your overall goals.


During the concept design phase--or the initial phase of architectural development--DH Visual Studio can work with you to create sketches of a future space's layout. Our experts will understand your needs and determine the project's specifications and requirements. We’ll discuss needs, regulations, and cost estimations, while we'll also provide a rough outline and illustration of the project’s basic concepts, such as spatial relationships and basic scale.


However, concept design is not a one-man effort. Our designers work hand-in-hand with clients to achieve every goal and aspect of the future space. We believe that each of our clients has a unique vision. And we dedicate ourselves to listening and delivering that vision to the fullest extent. A successful architectural space is dependent on the initial image or concept that will eventually become your future space. That’s why we draw out even the most challenging structural ideas with creative solutions. A project’s objective sketch or image allows you the opportunity to have your needs met and helps the project’s team remain on the same page throughout the architectural development process.


Although our efforts do not cross over into the design development stage, DH Visual Studio clients can employ our collaborative efforts and concept designs for the remainder of their project’s development to guarantee success.

Concept Design for Selling House

Concept design is the initial and creative part of the design with less budget than working drawings. The concept design can be used on many occasions, like marketing your property and selling your house.

Our team can help you create one or more initial designs for your future space.

Depending on your interest, you can choose the interior or exterior 2D Design, or you have the option of completing your concept in photorealistic 3D rendering.


Why use concept design For Selling Your Land or House?

With photo-realistic rendering, our clients can showcase a project's potential without anticipating the completion of the physical design. This gives them more chances to sell your land or house in a shorter amount of time.

 Thus If you have a short amount of time to build or renovate your land or house and don’t want to invest in renovation, decoration, landscaping, or construction before selling your property, concept design and 3D Rendering would be an affordable and faster way for your marketing.