About Us

We are a small group of five experienced architects, designers, and 3D visualizers partners from Egypt, Canada, and Italy who use the CGI (computer-generated imagery) technique to transform our clients' developments, designs, and creative ideas into great 3D Visualizations.

DH Visual Studio is dedicated to ensuring quality visual rendering from our home base in Vancouver, Canada. We service real estate developers, architects, home builders, and people who need 3D rendering for new development or renovations, beginning with a thorough understanding of our clients and their architectural visions. We help our clients to see their project before it starts. It happens with precise finishes, furniture, and appropriate lighting effects during production.

Dina Hadadi, Director

Dina(Fatemeh Hadadi) has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from ASIHEH university in Iran. She has more than ten years of experience in architectural design and construction estimating since 2009. After she immigrated to Montreal in November 2016, it took her more than one year to learn English; she took estimating courses at NAIT College in Edmonton to update her knowledge in Canada, then she applied for her first job and found a career as an estimator in a construction/land developer company in Edmonton, after two months, she was promoted and was given the opportunity to be a project manager and designer for land development and rezoning in that company. She learned a lot from her manager about the rezoning process; she was passionate about 3D design, and she developed her design skill with the help of her 3D artists' friends during her job. Then during the Covid time and working from home, due to the decreasing working hours, besides her career, she started to do freelance 3D design in collaboration with her architects and 3D artists friends, mostly on projects out of Canada. As the job went well in 2021, she moved to Vancouver and established her 3D Visualization home studio in Canada with her 3D artist's friends as partners.